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CA10 Changover Switch

CA10 Rotary Switch 1.Ambient temperature:-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃within 24h 2.Altitude:≤2,000m 3.Relative humidity:≤95% 4.Pollution level:II.5.Installation location:Mount on the place where has no obvious vibration or impact


CA10 series control and load switches offer a solution for most cam switch operations. Different types can be used as control switches, switches to be installed in equipments and switches for motor control according to IEC60947-3.

Technical Parameter

Model Name

CA10 Universal changeover switch




2P 3P 4P

Rated power

3-phase AC motor

Rated current In(A)


Rated voltage Un(V)

120V 240V 440V 660V

Rotation angle code




1.Classified by utilization,control and load switch,motor switch,control switch

2.Classified by operation limited movement spring return,limited movement with spring return

3.Classified by contact system switch with limited movement has 1-12poles(63A only have 8poles), switch with spring return has 1~3poles,motor control switch has 1-6poles

4.Classified by rotation angle: 30°45°60°90°etc

5.Classified by panel square panel,rectangular panel, circular panel (only 20A)

6.Classified by handle R type, I type, F type, B type, S type, L type, P type, K type. 

Ordering Note
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4.Rated current
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