Rotary switch

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  • D11 Changerover Switch

    ApplicationD11 main switches conform to IEC60974-3.They meet the requirements of disconnectors, main switch and maintenance switch which suitable for ventilation, air-conditioning,water pump system,in···
  • CA10 Changover Switch

    FunctionCA10 series control and load switches offer a solution for most cam switch operations. Different types can be used as control switches, switches to be installed in equipments and switches for ···
  • D12 Changover Switch

    ApplicationD12 enclosed main switch matched with electric main switch.Technical ParameterTypes and specsOutline dimension (mm)Installation dimension (mm)P N M CA1 A2D12-20125 100 85 3560 115D12-25125 ···
  • EP Changeover Switch

    FunctionEP control and load switches feature small volume and good connecting and breaking capacity mainly used in switch cabinet or three-phase asynchronous motors reversing and main circuit and auxi···
  • CS Changover Switch

    UsageCS-68 is a multi-step select switch,a multi-functional product, can be used widely, such as power switch.Technical ParameterModel NameCS-68 Universal changeover switchStandardIEC60947-3Poles2P 3P···
  • CA10S Changover Switch

    FunctionCA10S built-in lock type switches are mainly used to cut off power by built-in lock,make the switch in the “OFF”(“0”) position to prevent unauthorized operation .CA10S universal changeover···
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