EBS9M Series

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EBS9MRE Circuit Breakers

EBS9MRE MCCB 1.Ambienttemperature:-5~+40℃, the average value cannot exceed to +35℃within 24h 2.Altitude:≤2,000m 3.Relative humidity:≤95% 4.Pollution level:II. 5.Installation location:Mount on the place where has no obvious vibration or impact


   As one of the EBASEE most important products, EBS9MRE moulded case circuit breaker offers good performance that meets the full spectrum of application requirements, from small users to large industrial electricity distribution installation. This MCCB is characterized by high quality, reliability and performance under all conditions, simplicity of installation and safety of operation.
    Innovation, technology and quality have always been the principles of guiding the development of EBS7M. The continual and constant evolution of the EBS9MRE has led to further extending the range of the products.
    EBS9MRE has variety applications possibilities both in industrial and civil sectors. It can be used for motor protection, switch-disconnecting, circuit-breaking, and residual current circuit breaking, as well as specific ranges (for motor protection and switch-disconnecting) complying with the standard of IEC60947-1, IEC60947-2.


Technical Parameter

Model type





3P, 4P

Rated operational current In(A)

Up to 800Amp

Rated operational voltage Un(V)


Rated Frequency (Hz)




Release type

Thermal Magnetic

Breaking capacity

B(20kA), C(35kA), S(50kA), H(65kA), G(85kA), X(100kA)





Overload and short-circuit protection with adjustable threshold

Guarantee total selectivity of the protections up to full breaking capacity for the circuit breaker installed on the load side.

Wider application possibilities both in industrial and civil sectors.

Be mounted in primary (power center) and secondary (panel board) distribution switchboards, for motor protection and control in generators and for the end users.

Performances are however of particular interest where critical situations arise or where complexes plant engineering solutions are needed.


Ordering Note: 

Protection Type

Rated Current

No. of Poles

Breaking Capacity

Frame Type